Exodus is yet another BBS door gateway service, but I'm hoping/trying to put a unique twist on it--namely, custom games and Linux text games (such as Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead). It started as an experiment to test the flexibility of the x/84 BBS software and to see how easy it would be to cobble together a door gateway using an x/84 server (which turned out to be fairly easy, I must say). I've since decided to open it up to anyone who would like to participate.

The general concept is this: You can remotely run games I host on my system through menu items on your own system, and we can pool our user base for a more pleasant, vibrant multiplayer experience. There is no front-end menu; users are launched directly into the game once they are connected over the SSH tunnel to the central host.

Linux/BSD boards are supported through a bash connector script and a series of common utilities, while Windows boards are supported through a collection of GNU/Win32 utilities and a custom DoorWay-style .NET 3.5 application.